Creating Multifunctional Spaces

Creating Multifunctional spaces in your kitchen

Almost 12 months have passed since Coloradans have spent most of their time in their homes. This new normal has shined a bright spotlight on the functionality of homes in Denver and demands for improved performance. Homeowners along the front range want and need spaces that are multifunctional, flexible and that offer increased privacy. We’ve known that guests rooms have been converted into home offices.  Basements double as fitness facilities and there are needs for spaces where kids to kick back and be kids.  

Kitchens and bathrooms remain the most important rooms in the home and spaces that offer the potential to serve multiple functions. A regret of more than 50% of homeowners nationwide last year who renovated their kitchens was not spending enough on the renovation to truly make the space not only beautiful but multifunctional. We firmly believe that a well-designed kitchen is an organized kitchen.

Organization and Storage

Professional kitchen designers have a broad range of tools at their disposal to design a place for everything and to ensure everything a homeowner in the Denver Metro area wants in their new dream kitchen has a place. Not investing in sufficient storage solutions and incorporating multifunctional capabilities into the design, we suspect, are primary reasons for buyers’ remorse among those who recently renovated their kitchens.

The need for effective storage solutions is not confined to kitchens. They also are welcomed for home offices, laundry rooms, mudrooms, bathrooms, closets, and kids spaces, among other rooms in a home. Professional kitchen and bath showrooms have unique expertise in cabinetry and how it can be used to create storage solutions for kitchens and baths that easily translate to other rooms in the home. We know how to create space where none currently exists; how to make small spaces appear larger and how to make a home more functional, organized, and beautiful. We hear from many homeowners in Denver Colorado that they are tired of looking at stuff scattered throughout almost every room in their home and want spaces that are not messy. That’s where cabinetry can be a perfect solution.

Bathroom Renovations

A place to escape is another desire resulting from homeowners in Colorado and the world spending more and more of their time in their homes. That’s one reason we have seen demand for bathroom renovations skyrocket in the last year. Many of our clients relish the opportunity to create an in-home spa where they can spend a few minutes of the day just to themselves and have the opportunity to wash away the stresses that result from the blurred lines between work and home.

Functionality in Design

The desire for increased functionality has extended outdoors that enable homeowners to create new spaces that connect to nature and also serve as classrooms, recreational areas, and places to relax. Outdoor kitchens in particular have become increasingly popular. 

How can you make your existing space more functional and beautiful? How can you create an in-home spa that will promote health and wellbeing for your family members? Let us show you how you can have multifunctional space that meets the new requirements of working and schooling from home by giving us a call at 303 694-0712 or make an appointment to visit our showroom either in-person or virtually at 5740 E County Line Pl, Unit 3 Highlands Ranch, CO.

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