There are generally two ways to purchase granite countertops.  Granite slabs are produced by cutting large granite blocks into 1-1/4 (3cm) slabs. When cut, these slabs are cleaned and then polished.  Usually, the minimum average sizes of granite slabs are 105″ x 54″.

Prefabricated Granite refers to the process of cutting the granite sections of specific lengths designed to fit kitchens that have simple designs. Because the customer is not having to purchase an entire piece of granite from a slab, these pre-cut sections are produced with less waste and a higher yield, saving you money.  Prefabricated is available with a finished edge, requires less planning and can be installed with just a few field cuts.

“PROGRAM COLORS” are our most popular Quartz & Granite colors we stock at our fabricator’s shop. What that means to the customer, you only pay by the square foot for what you use. If your project does not take a full slab, you donot pay for a full slab, only portion used. Also, if project uses  1 1/2 slabs, only pay for the portion used, not the total second slab.

We have 25 colors, Quartz & Granite, in the “PROGRAM” currently. It changes as popular colors come and go. If you cannot find a color in the “PROGRAM”” that fits design, or color scope, we have Granite & Quartz slabs priced by the slab

Prefabricated Pre-Cut Granite Countertops Ready To Install Starting at $14 SQ Ft

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